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Temple Adat Shalom Religious School

A New Approach. The Same Community Values.

We are an innovative learning community dedicated to developing Jews who value Mitzvot, traditions, Hebrew, and a love of Israel in an accepting environment.

Our Curriculum Inspires:

  • A life guided by Jewish values and standards
  • A loyalty and connectedness to the Jewish community and people
  • B'nei Mitzvah Program
  • A love of Israel 
  • Learning Modern Hebrew
  • A lasting pride and joy in being Jewish
  • A place of security and love within our Temple Adat Shalom family
  • Strong and lasting relationships with clergy, teachers, and friends

Elementary Grades

The first years at Mosad Shalom are aimed at making our students feel at home in their Temple and excited about their Judaism. They explore the Jewish holidays, rituals, and Torah stories, as well as participate in music, art projects and services with the entire school community. Beginning in 3rd grade, and continuing through 6th, students begin studying Hebrew language as well as Jewish texts, history, and culture in greater depth. We also begin teaching modern Hebrew as a living language. 

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

B'nei Mitzvah candidates learn along with their families. Special projects and activities augment the mastery of the Shabbat morning liturgy, trope for Haftarah and Torah, and the study of the weekly Parasha. Students are inspired to be civically responsible Jewish leaders. They meet regularly with the RABBI to discuss the meaning of becoming B'nei Mitzvah. They participate in Mitzvah projects, work on speaking Hebrew as a living language, and fully engage in activities that provide meaning behind their monumental achievement. Each step of the way, students' leadership is fostered and their Jewish identity is cultivated. 


Kesher is Hebrew for "connection" and is the name of the teen program at Temple Adat Shalom. Kesher is designed to help our students prepare for making critical choices in today's world and helps our teens become informed Jewish adults, by studying Jewish ethical and religious values. 

8th Grade's theme is Shoah. We all know how Jews died but do we really know how they lived? The class explores the late 19th century political currents in Europe and discuss the Jewish contributions to European "High Culture" as well as Jewish contributions to the world in general, including the United States. A highlight for many 8th graders is the Jewish Heritage Trip to Los Angeles during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.

9th Grade focuses on the modern State of Israel. We discuss and learn about the modern pressures that have plagued Israel throughout its existence. This class has an annual retreat to Big Bear.

10th Grade works with the Rabbi to prepare for Confirmation. The students are challenged in a variety of ways to look at current issues from a critical Jewish ethical standpoint and asks them to suspend their assumptions and examine them closely to determine their validity. During Spring Break, the 10th grade class takes a Jewish Heritage Trip to Washington DC.

11th and 12th Grade is an opportunity to explore and challenge the truths about Judaism and take a critical look at classic Jewish wisdom and how it intersects with each of us in the 21st century. Following high school graduation, these students take a Jewish Heritage Trip to New York City. 

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To learn more about enrolling your child in Mosad Shalom Religious School, contact our Director, Racheli Morris, at or call 858.451.1200.

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