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“Find a teacher, make a friend, and treat everyone with respect.”
~ Pirkei Avot (Teachings of Our Ancestors) 1:6 


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To learn more about enrolling your child in Pardeis Religious School, contact our Director, Racheli Morris, at or call 858.451.1200. 

We are an innovative learning community dedicated to developing Jews who value 
mitzvot, traditions, Hebrew, and a love of Israel — in an inviting environment.
At Temple Adat Shalom, you can depend on a religious school experience to inspire Jewish living! 
Our classrooms are only a launching point for Jewish experimentation and discovery to carry home and beyond.
Our children are guided by the wisdom of our people's legacy and encouraged to add their vibrancy to our people's loom.
Students know our religious school as a second home as we continually expand our family of faith and friends.


We learn that the Torah is the Jewish people’s guidebook for living positive values.
Our Torah studies have a focused curriculum that explores stories from the Hebrew Bible through the values of our text. Through video, drama, and storytelling,
students explore ancient stories of our people and discuss and examine how
challenges faced by our biblical ancestors mirror those in our own lives today.
These texts hold timeless questions, values, and wisdom, and the curriculum gives students the tools they need to be upstanding people within  both our Jewish and secular communities.   

 All of our grades are involved in the Jewish chagim (holidays) throughout the year.  Following the rabbinic model of Pardeis, each grade successively explores the history, customs, and values of the holiday to ever-deepening and more mature levels. While younger grades will focus on symbols, popular story lines, and blessings, students will search out historical, rabbinical, and scientific sources, developing a contemporary relationship with each special time in the calendar. Family participation and activities are enhanced with cooking, song, dance and art help to bring each holiday experience to life while at the same time helping to establish lasting community connections and meaningful family traditions to carry forward.                                                                                                                                                 

Teaching Hebrew is not a hobby. For Pardeis, it is part of the fabric of our school culture in all grades. Our method is a secret formula!  Our Director of Education, Racheli Morris, a Hebrew lecturer at AJU and CSULB with a master’s in teaching Hebrew as a second language from Middlebury University, leads the program. Students learn to read and speak Hebrew using the proficiency approach. Vocabulary with transliteration and translation are regularly sent home so families can practice together.  Our young students master the Hebrew alphabet and vowels.  Third through seventh grades master reading prayers and texts from the Bible fluently. Our students will explore Hebrew as a living language.
They will be able to communicate in simple conversation; sharing about themselves
and the world around them.

During Religious school sessions students meet with the Rabbi in the Beit K’nesset
(sanctuary) for t’fillah as part of the school day. They become familiar with the melodies and flow of the service, the meaning of the words of our prayers, identify values that are important to us, and feel comfortable in the synagogue as their very own Beit Tefillah, (house of prayer.) 


The year leading up to, and entry into a student’s 13th year, is a special time for
students and the entire family.  At Temple Adat Shalom, we continually celebrate in a child’s growth, their accomplishments, and their family’s joy at all seasons of the life cycle. This celebration is accentuated at a special family b'nei mitzvah camp, at Camp Mountain Chai, during the 7th grade year.  
"Bar Mitzvah" and "Bat Mitzvah" are titles of belonging within the community.  At Temple Adat Shalom, a student doesn’t have a bar or bat mitzvah,they become a bar and bat mitzvah. A student's preparation to lead a communal worship service, the service itself, their mitzvah work, their participation in Pardeis, are all outward signs of their readiness to be counted as part of the community. While many in the American Jewish community see bar/bat mitzvah as a milestone to achieve and walk away from, bar/bat mitzvah is a responsibility for life. It is an entry point into greater participation. At Temple Adat Shalom, it is our expectation that a student continues their study and participation within their temple peer community through 12th grade.
Training to become b'nei mitzvah begins in kindergarten. Each successive year adds to the prayers a student masters.
Learning Torah trope begins in the 6th grade. Through class-time, online technology, family worship experiences, and of course study, personal attention with an emphasis on each student's individual needs guide their preparation. 
Additionally, private tutorials are available six months out from the day they come up to Torah. Teachers, our director
of education, and clergy, partner with our parents in providing an enduring sense of comfort and accomplishment
for each student.   
Kindergarten 1st Grade   2nd Grade 3rd Grade

   4th Grade

       5th Grade

       6th Grade

          7th Grade


Kesher Teen Program

Kesher is Hebrew for "connection" and is the name of our teen
program at Temple Adat Shalom. It designed to help our students prepare for making critical choices in today's world and helps our 
teens become informed Jewish adults by studying Jewish ethical and religious values. 
Kesher meets once a week.  Kesher encourages critical thinking,
regularly challenging traditional ideas and promoting new creative thought, encouraging students to process and then apply personal discoveries in practical ways.  Kesher brings Rabbinic source texts, modern thinkers, and student experience to bear as launching points for discussion.  Although discussions are fluid week to week, each grade is guided by a particular theme.
Kesher is a significant departure point from our younger grades. With appreciation for a student's growing awareness, both social and personal, class time is based in discussion and never shies away from "difficult" questions. Indeed they're encouraged - from reproductive rights to the existence of God. Every student's right to their own conclusions as well as their own sense of self is cherished and protected.  Plenty of time and care is given to make sure that social and emotional growth, as well as academic interests are pursued honestly, compassionately and respectfully.  Approximately every five weeks, "class time" gives way to fun off-campus activities. At Kesher, each class also participates on acclaimed Jewish Heritage trips with the Rabbi. Jewish Heritage trips take our students to Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City,
Big Bear, and a tour of the Civil Rights legacy of the US South.  

Upper Grades Objectives
By the end of the program (five years), students will be able to:
  1.  Name at least six core Jewish values and articulate their meaning.
  2.  Demonstrate increased participation in the Jewish community.
  3.  Articulate a sense of Jewish identity and its importance in their lives.
  4.  Think critically about Jewish source texts, culture, custom history as well as their own personal spirituality.
  5.  Enter into a post-high school world, as Judaically educated, engaged, thinking young adult Jews.
  6.  Rely upon a community of friends to last a lifetime.
By the end of the program (five years), students will be grounded in the following Jewish Values:
  1.  Community
  2.  Loving Kindness
  3.  Personal Integrity
  4.  Social Responsibility
  5.  Spiritual Grounding
  6.  Stewardship of Creation

 Hebrew for high school credit right here at Temple Adat Shalom with your friends! Hebrew-for-Credit a part of our Modern Hebrew Program and is an accredited Foreign Language Program open to all 8th through 12th Grade students. Credit earned is accepted by the Poway Unified School District and the San Diego Unified School District. Classes are available in beginning to advanced levels and are held every Tuesday afternoon-evening and Sunday morning during Religious School. Students that complete the requisite assignments will be able to receive credit for Hebrew. 

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If you have questions, please contact Racheli Morris, the Director of Religious School, at:

        As a Madrich / Madricha, teens will become student mentors and develop leadership skills for their next step
        into young adulthood. Madrichim are offered the opportunity to increase and apply cultural awareness about
        Judaism in the larger community. They help to prepare and lead lessons within their classroom assignments
        and are considered an integral part of the school program. They are also introduced to and learn from
        real-life leaders within the Jewish community. Each Madrich / Madricha makes a commitment to plan,
        attend, and teach when school is in session
        As an added bonus, Madrichim regularly earn community service hours to meet high school requirements
        and are able to cite their experience on college applications.
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