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Sixth Grade

In sixth grade, students begin to explore the values of a Jewish character and how to make a difference when faced with difficult circumstances like bullying or peer pressure.  Empowering students to be leaders in their own way is only one of our goals.
Prayer study will review all the previously learned prayers. Students will begin to learn about the Torah service and blessings, and practice to become fluent with the Amidah
and concluding prayers. They will participate in a Friday
night Shabbat service and help to lead our Sunday prayer time.
Bible study will include the rise and fall of Israelite kings
using original texts. They will explore, in-depth, a variety of interpretations (midrash) in order to draw lessons for today. 
Students will learn about Jewish living, which will include the rules of kashrut (kosher observance) and Shabbat home observance. 
In Hebrew, students will begin preparation for their b’nei mitzvah by reading prayers fluently and learning Torah trope (chanting). Conversational Hebrew study will cover sentence structure and will focus on topics related to real-life such as family, food, traveling, and practicing dialogue to attain more functionality in the language. 
In Israel studies, students will learn about Tel Aviv. In addition, they will learn the culture of modern Israel and will have the opportunity to converse with Israeli students. 
A special ceremony for sixth grade families, Matan Torah, begins the year wherein each student is presented with a personal Tanach, the b'nei mitzvah year is discussed in full, and their official studies towards becoming b'nei mitzvah begins.

Sixth Grade

Holidays and Symbols
  • Holiday origions
Prayer and God
  • REVIEW: Shema, Barchu, Shabbat Blessings, Chanukah Blessings, Four Questions,
                  Oseh Shalom, Adon Olam, Ma Tovu, Yotzeir Or, Sim Shalom, V’ahavata, Avot, G’vurot
  • Torah Service / Blessings
  • Kaddish
  • Kiddush
  • Help lead Sunday prayer
Jewish Values
  • Tzedakah / Tikun Olam
  • Bullying and the power of speaking out
  • A focus on Jewish Character
  • Preparation for B’nei Mitzvah,
  • Torah Trope
  • Amidah, Torah service and concluding prayers
Jewish Customs and Practices
  • Jewish Living: Prayer, Kashrut, Shabbat
  • Family Histories
Bible and History
  • Israelite History: Early Kings
  • Weekly Torah portion
  • The culture of Modern Israel
  • Geography / Tel Aviv
  • Exchange with Israeli Students
Matan Torah

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