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Eleventh Grade
Our 11th graders explore the strengths and challenges of
21st century Judaism. Taking a critical look at classic
Jewish wisdom and how it intersects with each of us, our institutions and our values today, we empower our eleventh graders to dream – to find and claim their stake Judaism's future.  How will they make Judaism into a force to inform, lift, and inspire their lives?  Either by composing and leading a worship service for the congregation, or another project of their creation, students will put their discussions and discoveries into tangible action.
The Jewish Heritage Trip in eleventh grade brings students to Costa Rica for a week long Tikun Olam project, or to the US south, for a "Freedom Tour," placing themselves along the time-line of our nation's march towards constitutional freedom and discovering the specific role American Judaism has played and continues to play in reaching that goal.

Eleventh Grade        What Should Judaism Look Like in the 21st Century?

Holidays and Symbols

  • Pesach:  Liberation Theology

Prayer and God

  • Constructing a 21st Century Liturgy

Jewish Values

  • How Does One Affirm One’s Judaism Today and in the Future? 
    • What are the Impediments, what are the Aids?
  • Can Judaism Exist Without a Physical Community?
  • Define Core Values of a Relevant Judaism.


  • Conversational Hebrew

Jewish Customs and Practices

  • Praying With One’s Feet
  • Community Organizations:  Federation, Hillel, JCC, JFS, ADL, ….

Bible and History

  • Civil Rights: Then and Now


  • Civil Rights in Israel

Jewish Heritage Trip

  • Freedom Tour Southern States of US. or Tikun Olam Tour in Costa Rica


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