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And, as you begin your Hanukkah preparations and gift shopping, we hope that you will make it a point to shop at our Temple Adat Shalom Gift Shop.  Throughout the year we have received many special requests for Hanukkah and they have all been purchased for the store and await your arrival – Menorahs (including various electric styles and sizes for college dorms, assisted living, windows), Hanukkah candles of many varieties, Hanukkah cards, a vast array of mezuzahs, jewelry (all price ranges) and the largest selection of children’s toys and gifts than ever before!  (attached are a few visual; there is much more!)

This is also an awesome time to give a special gift such as a Tallit, Judaica art, kiddush cup, Shabbat candle holders etc,

We can also do special orders and almost always find what you are looking for, be price competitive and you will be contributing to Temple Adat Shalom and Sisterhood 🙏

This gift shop is one of Sisterhoods most significant fundraisers and allows us to make great impact across many channels at Temple Adat Shalom.

For more info contact Shari W at

Sun, December 10 2023 27 Kislev 5784