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Ninth Grade

Ninth Grade Students begin to explore the varied ways in which Judaism is relevant in their lives today, and if found lacking, how to find its relevancy.  They will review the
former year, expanding upon the history of anti-Semitism, and how various Jewish movements throughout history have responded.  Students will question God's role, their relationship to God, and how to build a bridge between themselves and the Divine. 
The Jewish Heritage Trip for Ninth Grade, takes them to a private cabin in Big Bear,
for Jewish fun in the mountain air, and workshops geared to expand upon the year's
work back home.  


Ninth Grade    Making Sense of Judaism Today 
Holidays and Symbols
  • All: Exploring the Historical/Anthropological/Sociological Origins of Each.
  • Purim: Calumnies against Jews
  • Passover: Calumnies against Jews
Prayer and God
  • High Holy Day Liturgy.  Use It? Toss It? Write It Anew?
Jewish Values
  • Reason as a Gift of God
  • Conversational Hebrew
Jewish Customs and Practices
  • Reform Judaism:  A Product of Enlightenment, an Escape From Anti-Semitism, or a Messianic Answer to the Worlds Problems?   
  • Comparative Judaism
    • Orthodox/Conservative/Reconstructionist/Ethical Monotheism
Bible and History
  • What is Included in Scripture? What Isn’t and Why?
  • Current Events
Jewish Heritage Trip
  • Big Bear

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Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784