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The third grade covers holiday rituals and customs using biblical text related to those holidays. Students will study interpretations (midrash) by the sages. 
Students review prayers learned in previous years, and begin to focus on Yotzeir Or as well as blessings specific to each holiday.  For example, the Four Species during Sukkot (al n’tilat lulav).  
Bible study will include the parshat shavua (weekly Torah portion) they will study in-depth the Ten Commandments,
taking a deep dive into the Story of Ruth. 
In the study of Jewish values, we will further focus on tikkun olam (taking care of the world), Gimilut Chasadim (respecting one’s neighbor), and Chachnasat Orchim (welcoming stranger.). 
We will discuss empathy for refugees/immigrants relevant to current events. In addition, we will learn about Jewish families’ lives around the world and their emigration to Israel (making aliyah). Finally, having reviewed the value of tzedakah the class will participate in a special project supporting a worthy cause. 
In Hebrew, students will continue to practice reading from the prayer book and understanding the meaning of the prayers. The goal is fluency. In Conversational Hebrew, the students will be able to introduce themselves, their family, and talk about their hobbies. Sentence structure will be covered, and the students will take part in dialogues using vocabulary learned in class with the goal of attaining functionality in the language. 
Israel studies will further explore the geography of Israel, with a concentration on Be’er Sheva. We will learn more about Israeli culture (food, everyday life, dancing, popular expressions, etc.). 
As always, our studies are enhanced through drama, arts and crafts, cooking, storytelling, sports, music, and special guests. 

Holidays and Symbols
  • Holiday Cultural Expressions
  • Holiday Symbols
Prayer and God
  • REVIEW: Shema, Barchu, Shabbat Blessings, Chanukah Blessings, Four Questions
                 Oseh Shalom, Adon Olam, Ma Tovu
  • Yotzeir Or
  • Holiday Blessings: …v’shel Yom Tov, …al n’tilat lulav, Shehechiyanu
Jewish Values
  • REVIEW Tzaar Ba-alei Chayim, Gemilut Chesed, B’tzelem Elohim, Chachnasat Orchim,
               Tikun Olam
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Jewish Families Around the World
  • Empathy with respect to refugees and immigrants
  • Hebrew greetings and common phrases
  • Reading
  • Simple vocabulary
Jewish Customs and Practices
  • Tzedakah
Bible and History
  • The Land of Israel/ Be’er Sheva
  • The Story of Ruth
  • Daily Life
  • Geography/ Be’er Sheva
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