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Membership FAQs

Who can be a member of Temple Adat Shalom?

Anyone who would like to be part of our community is welcome! Our congregants include Jews of all kinds of background, education, and ritual observance; interfaith couples and families; individuals who are considering or are in the process of conversion to Judaism; and other spiritual seekers. We welcome all without regard to age, race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Do I need to be a member of the congregation to attend worship services or programs?

Membership is not required to attend Shabbat services, or to participate in the vast majority of our educational, social, and community programs. As is customary for Reform Congregations, temple membership or purchased tickets are required to attend High Holy Days services (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). Temple membership is also required to enroll children in our religious school. Reservations and payment may be required for some programs.

If you would like to join us, please call our Temple office at 858.451.1200 or email That way we can be sure there is someone to greet you, show you around, and answer any questions you have. In fact, before we talk with you about membership, we'd love to get to know you and hear about your interests and needs so that we can help you ensure that we are a good fit.

Why should I become a member?

You may know that Jews like to answer questions with stories. So here's a story:

A young man was walking along a path, and he saw an old man planting a fruit tree near the path. The old man carefully dug a hole for the tree, and put wooden sticks around the sapling to support it, and gave the tree food and water. The young man asked the old man, "Why are you going to such trouble to plant a fruit tree? No offense, but you are old. You won't live to see that tree bear fruit. So why go to the expense and effort to plant the tree?" The old man replied, "In my time, I've enjoyed plenty of fruit, from trees that someone else planted. And just as other people planted trees that sustained me, now it's my turn to plant trees that will sustain those who follow me."

It turns out that synagogues are like fruit trees. They need to be grown, and nurtured, and supported, so that when people need a synagogue--like for a wedding or baby naming, a b'nai mitzvah or a funeral, or to pray for healing or remember someone who has passed away, or to celebrate Shabbat or another holiday, or maybe even to feel a sense of community--the synagogue is there for them.

Our congregants support our synagogue financially, as well as by volunteering and participating in our services and programs. And because members provide that support, the synagogue is here for all who seek a Jewish spiritual home.

How do I get started?

If you have never visited us in person, the first step is to either call the Temple Office at 858.451.1200 or email to receive more personalized information about membership. We can meet you at services or at any time that's convenient for you. 

Once you are ready to join, our office staff can provide you with the necessary paperwork and get you started. Our clergy, staff, and lay leaders are here to help you any way we can. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyar 5784