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The History of Temple Adat Shalom


Our Temple Adat Shalom Congregation, like all families, has in its short 36 years experienced many milestones, good times and occasionally not so good times, steady growth in both size and strength. The Congregation has educated thousands of children, moved from rented quarters to its very own Temple building and witnessed generations of members who came together as a family of Jews who worshipped, mourned, were inspired, learned, grew Jewishly and celebrated together.

We have a unique history, which is ours and ours alone. It is the history of all of our members. It is not possible to recount and acknowledge all of the events, accomplishments, deeds and enormous contributions of our devoted clergy, professional and support staff, lay leaders, volunteers, Sisterhood, Men's Club, quiet and devoted congregants. Instead, a choice has been made to recount a sampling of "firsts" and milestones." Welcome to a 36 year phenomenon, our Temple Adat Shalom story in which every member of the congregation has played a role.

Maud Pincus

A Temple Adat Shalom History of Firsts and Milestones

  • June - Jewish residents in the area came together to discuss bussing their children to Religious School at some Congregation in the city. Forty people attended - enough to explore the possibility of a Jewish communal organization here in the R.B. - Poway - Escondido area.
  • July - First religious service. A Jewish chaplain from Camp Pendelton officiated at a Shabbat Service at the Painted Rock Elementary School. Those who came became the core group of Jewish people then loosely associated with one another.
  • August - The famous picnic at Felicita Park, Escondido…an occasion for socializing, networking and bringing together over 80 Jewish people. A viable Jewish organization was in the making.
  • September - After High Holy Day Services, the group remained together and organized. Officers and a Board were elected, the organization was named Bernardo Jewish Community (BJC) and its first president was Sidney Weiser.
  • October - Services were held once a month at the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation with a "Rabbi of the Month" coming from Los Angeles. The BJC's first mailing address was a P.O. Box in the Card Store next to the former Safeway (now Albertson's).
  • December - The first Chanukah dinner dance was held at the Stoneridge Country Club.
  • First Community Seder was held.
  • Sabbath Services were regularly conducted on the second and fourth Friday of each month by Rabbi Gershon Fisher at the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation on Espola Road.
  • The first issue of the Bulletin of the Bernardo Jewish Community was published, edited by Alex Klotz. Sidney Weiser wrote in his president's Message in the first Bulletin, "The Bernardo Jewish Center. . . .has created a Jewish identity where none had previously existed. We have accepted our heritage with its burdens and joys and announced this fact to those around us. It is for this accomplishment…that we should be enormously proud."
  • The first religious school principal was Nurit Perach. Classes were held at the Lutheran Church on Saturday morning. There were 42 children in the religious school and six children in the Hebrew school.
  • High Holy Day Services - tickets cost $40 for members and $60 for non-members. Dues were $50 per year.
  • 30 women came together becoming the "BJC's Women's Group." They took charge of the Onegs, made sick calls, sent condolence and sunshine cards. They agreed that membership in the Women's Group would be available only to members of the BJC.
  • BJC's first conversion to Judaism: Lee Turner's son-in-law was converted by Rabbi Fisher who then officiated at the BJC's first marriage: Naomi Turner (Lee's daughter) and fiancé.
  • A chorale was organized under the leadership of Bob Gilson. Jane Masur was Cantorial Soloist and served as choir director for ten years.
  • First celebration of TuB'Shevat. The students in religious school planted three pine trees, one for each class, on the grounds of the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation
  • BJC's first Bat Mitizvah: Tamara Posner, daughter of Dr. Kenneth and Lillian Posner.
  • First Purim Carnival and the second community Seder were held
  • At the Annual Meeting of the BJC, a decision was made to join the Union of the American Hebrew Congregations. The status of "we don't know what we are has come to an end." BJC had become a Reform congregation. Membership dues were set at $100 and a future home was discussed.
  • Rabbi Fisher left the congregation to assume a pulpit nearer his Los Angeles home. President Sidney Weiser left San Diego for employment in another city. Bernard Sternberg became the second president of the BJC.
  • Rabbi Stuart Lasher began his service to BJC conducting High Holy Day Services and continuing twice-monthly Shabbat Services at the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation.
  • The Women's Group became the "Sisterhood of the BJC."
  • BJC had grown: 140 families and 76 students in the Religious and Hebrew schools.
  • "The Gates of Prayer" was used for the first time. This prayerbook had been published in 1975.
  • Rabbi Herman, Regional Director of the UAHC, advisor and friend to the growing congregation, recommended that it was time to employ a full-time Rabbi. This was approved by the membership.
  • First BJC Bar Mitzvah: Marc Adam Krauss, the son of Fran and Martin Krauss.
  • First Junior Youth Group, Young Adult Group and a Couples Bridge Group were formed. First President of the Youth Group was Robin Kaufman, daughter of Stanley and Eileen Kaufman.
  • Welcom to Rabbi Sheldon Moss, BJC's first full-time Rabbi. Shabbat Services now were held every Friday evening at the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation. The new Congregational leaders were: President, Samuel Galan; First Sisterhood President, Maxine Belenzon; and first Men's Club President, Donald Belk.
  • Rabbi Moss initiated the Havurah Program and interested congregants were asked to indicate a preference from among three choices around which the Havurot would be organized: study, socializing and celebration of Jewish holidays.
  • Investiture of Rabbi Sheldon Moss in May.
  • BJC Changes its name to Temple Adat Shalom, Community of Peace. The leadership was: President, Bruce Cornblum, Sisterhood President, Pam Cornblum; and Men's Club President, Charles Weinberg.
  • The Congregation acquired its first Torah, a Holocaust Torah, one of the scrolls the Nazis stole from synagogues in Bohemia and Moravia, stored in Prague, restored a the Westminster Synagogue in London and shared with synagogues around the world. Conveying our Torah from London to San Diego is a tale worth telling. The Torah needed a Visa. A San Diego student visiting family in London was appointed to accompany the Torah from England to California. As there was not one empty seat on the plane, the student held the Torah on his lap. A decision was made to put the Torah in the hold of the plane with the other cargo or a seat must be provided. The plane would not take off otherwise. At that moment, a passenger fell ill and departed the plane. The Torah had acquired its own seat and was California bound. We hold our Torah Scroll #279 in sacred trust.
  • First Confirmation Service. Dennis Masur was the second Principal but job circumstances necessitated his stepping down.
  • The first building fund consisting of voluntary donations was started for a future Temple and School.
  • First woman congregational president, Joyce Belk; Sisterhood President, Rita Rummelsburg and Men's Club President, Matthew Pollack.
  • The Dove of Peace was adopted as the Temple's official logo.
  • On September 14, the first portable Ark to house the Torah was dedicated. This Ark was designed, constructed and donated to TAS by Alan and Laurie Rathsam. Alan spent over 300 hours to bring it from idea to completion. Today this Ark is located in the Alexander Klotz Peace Chapel, Room 11 now housing the Temple's most recently acquired Torah (February 2000).
  • Leo Slov, Jewish educator from Chicago, relocated to Rancho Bernardo and became Principal of the Religious School, which he would lead for 11 years.
  • High Holy Day Services were held at Escondido's First United Methodist Church. The Temple's office in the Old Mercado moved to 1900 Sunset Drive, Escondido and the religious school occupied quarters in an Escondido school.
  • The organizing meeting of North County Interfaith Council, then named North County Ecumenical Council and now named Interfaith Community Council, was held in the living room of Sheldon and Natalie Diamond. Spearheaded by Rabbi Sheldon Moss and Christian clerics from North County, this group's purpose initially was to promote better understanding among people of diverse faiths - their differences and commonalities and to get to know each other better. Their purpose and mission changed over the years.
  • The leadership was: Joyce Belk, President; Marlene Heller, Sisterhood President; Men's Club President, Matthew Pollack.
  • Ben Wiernik was appointed Chairman of The Building Fund Committee. Land was purchased in Escondido on Clarence Lane. There were difficulties with the site including residents that did not want a synagogue in their neighborhood. They made their displeasure known by attending the land dedication ceremony with chain saws in hand that they turned on to harass and disrupt the speakers and dignitaries as they spoke. After reconsideration, this land was sold to a group of investors.
  • The search for a viable permanent home continued. One day in the Spring of 1980, a "For Sale" sign was seen in front of a broken down, vandalized house on Pomerado Road. That property and the two adjoining parcels, each with a dilapidated house, were purchased. Those three houses became the school, the sanctuary/ meeting room / kitchen and administrative offices. Temple Adat Shalom had its first permanent home. But there was so much work to be done.
  • The leadership was: Richard Schulman, President; Marlene Heller, Sisterhood President and Arthur Belenzon, Men's Club President.
  • Those three run-down houses were transformed through the enthusiastic spirit, commitment, and sweat of congregants who, with hammers, saws, paint, and all kinds of equipment, worked innumerable hours over a period of a year or more to remodel the properties.
  • On December 24, 1981 there were no churches available to hold Shabbat services. A decision was made to string lights, bring in kerosene heaters, direct congregants with flashlights and have services in the not yet finished santuary building. That night, the first SANCTUARY was born. Three hundred people crowded into the room that night passing the Torah from one to another. It was a night that has been remembered by everyone present. Mindy Rimmerman was the Cantorial Soloist.
  • Lori Wilinsky made a "cameo appearance" singing at High Holy Day Services with the choir. She also sang occasionally at services and Bar/Bar Mitzvahs during 1981.
  • The first adult B'nai Mitzvah under the tutelage of Leo Slov, a class of five: Adrienne Behrens, Natalie Diamond, Geri Karlsberg, Sharon Kirshen and June Silverman.
  • The second Torah was a gift from Milton and Shirley Wolff and their aunt, Ethel Kerstein. In March a Siyyum was held, a ceremony in which the scribe, Rabbi Klein of New York, came to present and dedicate the Torah.
  • Temple leadership was: President, Leonard Jacobson, Sisterhood President, Jil Hersh, Men's Club President, Anthony Stevens.
  • The school was occupied in March, the administrative offices occupied in July and the formal dedication of the three buildings occurred in September.
  • Sisterhood published "Savory Traditions," its first cookbook co-edited by the first Mrs. Sheldon Moss and Terry Cohler.
  • Saturday morning Shabbat worship services were inaugurated.
  • Lori Wilinsky became permanent part-time Cantorial Soloist and taught music to children in the religious school.
  • Ganon-Gil, "Garden of Joy," under the directorship of Dee Leavitt, opened its doors to 10 pre-school children.
  • Temple leadership was: President, Leonard Jacobson; Sisterhood President, Deborah Hirshhorn and Men's Club President, Charles Lehrer.
  • Glass artist Leslie Perlis received the commission to design eleven stained glass windows for the Sanctuary (these windows are currently in storage). The Eternal Light was designed by local artist Shirley Lichtman. The Tree of Life and the first Memorial Wall Boards were mounted.
  • Lori Wilinsky Frank became full-time Cantorial Soloist and took over all musical aspects of the Temple and school and ran all three youth groups.
  • Tenth Anniversary Year. Sam and Rose Stein provided a "Challenge Grant" in the amount of $250,000 to spearhead a Capital Campaign under the leadership of George and Karen Sachs. The three little houses were bursting at the seams. The time had arrived to design, plan and raise funds for a new Temple building.
  • Temple leadership was: President, Leonard Jacobson; Sisterhood President, Marjorie Natal; Men's Club President, Charles Lehrer.
  • The Youth Group put on a model Seder for the Youth Groups of six local churches.
  • Recommended by President Leonard Jacobson and Chuck Lehrer, Bingo was inaugurated in February under the leadership of Leo and Ruth Pidgeon. Bingo became our largest source of fund-raising revenue.
  • Temple leadership: President, Alex Alexander; Sisterhood President, Marjorie Natal; Men's Club President, Sanford Behrens.
  • Temple leadership: Steven Hirschhorn, Harvey Pollack, Michael Shack were the Presidential triumvirate who guided the congregation through three years of fund-raising and planning for what is now our existing Temple building. The then proposed plan was to construct the building in three phases: Phase I, religious school and administrative offices; Phase II, social hall and kitchen; Phase III, the Sanctuary. Activity proceeded full speed ahead with Phases 1 and II. The Sisterhood President serving at this time was Babe Jaye and Men's Club continued under the leadership of Sandy Behrens.
  • The historic ground-breaking for our existing Temple building was held on a brutally hot July 13 - a very lucky number.
  • Temple's first Kavod recipients: Leo and Ruth Pidgeon. The Kavod Award was established as the Temple's highest award to honor distinguished and dedicated service to the congregation. Stanley Rubin established this award.
  • Lori Frank's title was changed to Cantor with her acceptance into the American Conference of Cantors.
  • Marlene Heller returned to another term as Sisterhood President and Robert Solan led the Men's Club.
  • After ten years as Temple Adat Shalom's spiritual leader, Rabbi Moss left the congregation to pursue other interests. In June he delivered his final sermon and was honored by the congregation with a farewell brunch.
  • A Rabbinic Search Committee recommended Rabbi Deborah Prinz to the congregation. She arrived with her family - husband, Rabbi Mark Hurvitz, and their two young children, Avigail and Noam on August 1st. her office was located in a trailer on the property as construction on the new building was moving forward.
  • High Holy Day services were held at the First United Methodist Church in Escondido.
  • Dee Leavitt resigned as Director of Ganon Gil and Karen Glansberg became its second Director. The program began in September in the little school building on the hill but they were soon to move, piece by piece, into their new quarters.
  • Rabbi Deborah Prinz was installed as Rabbi of Temple Adat Shalom by Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman in October.
  • At last, MOVING DAY, November - eighty enthusiastic volunteers made it happen in one day. Good-by to the three small buildings and hello to the new, shining, sparkling Temple Adat Shalom. The first big event in the new building was a "thank you" to all the church clergy who had graciously allowed the congregation to use their facilities for regular and High Holy Day Services during those many years. The building was filled with people of many denominations as Rabbi Prinz conducted a Service of Thanksgiving. However, the building was only two-thirds of the way to a completed Temple building. The final third, the Sanctuary would have to wait.
  • The first elegant party in the new building, a New Year's Eve Gala was organized by Bella Smith and Doris Rubin. What a celebration!
  • The president presiding during this exciting year was Lloyd Jaye and the Sisterhood and Men's Club were led by Bella Smith and Bob Solan.
  • The 1988 Kavod recipient: Roswell Natal.
  • The new Temple building was dedicated with a weekend of thankful, purposeful and joyful activities the theme of which was, "The World Is Sustained by Three Things: Worship, Torah, and Loving Deeds."
  • Dedications of the third Torah, a 150 year old Dutch Sephardi Torah, was presented to the congregation by the Alexander B. Klotz family.
  • Joseph Freed, who had been the tireless Editor of the Shofar for ten years, retired to be succeeded by Marjorie Natal.
  • The 1989 Kavod recipient: Adrienne Behrens.
  • Temple leadership: Stanley Rubin, President; Maud Pincus, Sisterhood President and Stanley Schaeffer, Men's Club President.
  • Leo Slov, beloved Principal of Mosad Shalom, retired after 11 years of valorous service. When he accepted the Principalship in 1979, Mosad Shalom had 95 students, 8 teachers and no school building. He transported supplies and text books in the trunk of his car and then into the classrooms twice a week first at Juniper School and then San Pasqual High School both in Escondido. When Temple had its own three little buildings, the house that became the "School" had a fireplace and a pool. The pool was drained, filled with sand and covered over to remove all danger to the children. Leo had a 4x6 foot office, which he shared with 12 teachers, books, supplies and one water heater. When he retired, Mosad Shalom had 254 students, 16 teachers and during those 11 years he oversaw and taught 65 adult B'nai Mitzvot. He was awarded the title, "Emeritus Director of Mosad Shalom."
  • Succeeding Leo Slov as Educational Director was Marianne Gevirtz, a doctoral student in Bible at Yale University.
  • The Samuel Levitt Memorial Library was opened in March and dedicated in November. Under the guidance of congregant Glen Silversher, a professional librarian, the Library became a first-class Judaica Library.
  • Temple cruise to Hawaii.
  • Membership of Temple Adat Shalom: 470 families.
  • 1990 Kavod Award recipient: Marjorie Natal.
  • Gail Littman assumed the Presidency of Temple Adat Shalom, the leadership of the Sisterhood and the Men's Club remained the same, Maud Pincus and Stanley Schaeffer.
  • Marianne Gevirtz resigned as Director of Education to pursue Rabbinic Studies at Hebrew Union College. Mosad Shalom enrolled 250 students and Ganon Gil enrolled 250 students and Ganon Gil enrolled 45 students, (the maximum allowed by their license).
  • We welcomed Terri Ostach as Educational Director of TAS.
  • 1991 Kavod Award recipient: Lee Turner
  • First Congregational Tour to Israel led by Rabbis Prinz and Hurvitz.
  • Temple's Mitzvah Committee was formed to assist members of the congregation in times of crisis and need.
  • The Chai Anniversary (1974-1992) Weekend was celebrated in November. It was an occasion that attracted record turnouts to all events, but particularly Cantor Lor Wilinsky Frank's 10th Anniversary Tribute. Who can forget husband Jeff Frank serenading his wife with an original song he composed for the occasion.
  • The Mosad Shalom Cookbook published and available for sale.
  • Size of Congregation: 605 member units, 311 students in Mosad Shalom and 42 students enrolled in Ganon Gil.
  • 1992 Kavod Award recipient: Leonard Jacobson
  • Temple leadership: Gail Littman, President; Ceil Fine, Sisterhood President; Stanley Schaeffer, Men's Club President.
  • Rabbi Prinz consecrated the congregation's cemetery lawn located within the grounds of El Camino Memorial Park at 5600 Carroll Canyon Road, SD.
  • The four Holiday Festival tapestries adorning the wall above the Ark were hung. They were created by Helen Webber, a San Francisco fiber artist and donated by Jan and Merv Blum and family. From left to right, the handmade panels depict first the High Holydays, then the Festivals of Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot.
  • 1993 Kavod Award recipient: Leonard Benowitz.
  • First Adult Retreat under the auspices of the Adult Education Committee, theme: Religion In a World of Change.
  • Six local churches were invited to TAS to participate in a model seder and some 200 members of the Christian community attended.
  • 1994 Kavod Award recipients: Edgar & Ruth Belkin.
  • Temple's Sisterhood and Men's Club headed by Renee Plevin and Joshua Wilner.
  • TAS celebrated its 20th anniversary with a weekend of special events. Honored guest was Rabbi Alexander Schindler, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations representing 860 Reform Temples and some 1.5 million Reform Jews. And in concert, Doug Cotler, singer, musician, cantorial soloist of national reputation joined Cantor Lori Frank and the children's choir in a wonderful evening of music.
  • The size of the congregation: 600 families, 300 students enrolled in Mosad Shalom and 45 preschool children enrolled in Ganon Gil.
  • Merv Blum presented to Ganon Gil, "Noah's Ark for Jewish Children:" an original painted mural on 13 panels. This fanciful mural depicts the Noah's Ark story as well as the holiday cycle and brightened the Ganon Gil playground.
  • The TAS first Young Artist's Festival presented by the music committee and featured the congregation's musically talented youth.
  • Shana Lew was appointed Director of Education. She served for one school year and retired to have a baby, however, remained on to develop Family Education programs. The position of Director of Education was filled by professionals on short-term contracts.
  • The Temple auxiliaries were led by Peggy Locke and Joshua Wilner.
  • The land adjacent to TAS on the north side was purchased and dedicated after skillful and painstaking negotiations by Dan Fogel. The Land Committee was chaired by Leonard Jacobson.
  • Size of the congregation: 631 member units, 334 students enrolled in Mosad Shalom and 43 preschool children enrolled in Ganon Gil.
  • Rabbis Prinz and Hurvitz led the second congregational tour to Israel.
  • The first Archives Committee was formed under the chairmanship of Marjorie Natal.
  • Kavod Award recipient: Isaac Hecht. Award now presented in June rather than December.
  • Scholar-in-Residence: Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, Scholar, Author and Editor of the Plaut Torah Commentary.
  • President Gail Littman installed as a member of the National Board of Trustees of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.
  • Kavod Award recipients: Henry and Barbara Reed.
  • Adult Retreat theme: "Who is an Authentic Jew?"
  • Karen Glansberg honored on her 10th anniversary as Director of Ganon Gil.
  • The Temple's Sisterhood and Men's Club are led by Sonia Eldar and Irving Eisenberg.
  • Kavod Award recipient: Marshall Littman.
  • Alexander Klotz contributed funds to create the Alexander B. Klotz Peace Chapel located in Room 11 with its own Ark and Torah.
  • Asst. Rabbi Frank Stern joined Rabbi Prinz to assist in all Rabbinic duties to this ever growing congregation. He wrote, "I believe we share a glorious vision: to develop a modern synagogue that inspires people and encourages them to make Judaism a meaningful part of their lives."
  • The TAS congregational family assembled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rabbi Deborah Prinz as spiritual leader, teacher, role model, comforter and consoler in times of need. Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman, who 10 years ago previously had officiated at Rabbi Prinz' Installation ceremony, returned to speak at this milestone event and to serve as Scholar-In-Residence for the weekend.
  • President Gail Littman, at the Congregational Meeting, noted the Temple's building was designed for 500 family units and that the congregation now had almost 700 family units. The 1988 architectural plan to build the third phase, the sanctuary, had never been realized. Furthermore, Howard and Lottie Marcus had provided a $1million dollar "Challenge Grant" for capital expansion. Members present at the meeting overwhelmingly voted "YES," to moving ahead with plans to build a Sanctuary and to expand other facilities. LET THE SANCTUARY 2000 CAMPAIGN BEGIN! Under the guidance and leadership of Philip Ames, Capital Campaign Chairman and his committee, fund-raising moved forward.
  • The TAS Sisterhood and Men's Club were headed by Natalie Diamond, Renee Plevin and Irv Eisenberg.
  • 1999 Kavod Award recipients: Fred and Shirley Kallet.
  • TAS celebrated our 25th year as a congregation with religious, social and community service activities and observances. Guest speaker at Shabbat Services: Rabbi Lennard Thal.
  • Our TAS Bar/Bat Mitzvah booklet has been completed and will be used at all B/B services.
  • Fourth Biennial Adult Weekend Retreat: "Reform Judaism Year 2000 and Beyond"
  • The congregation needed a permanent sanctuary and so the Sanctuary 2000 Campaign was born with a goal of $3.5 million needed to be raised. Remember the Burma Shave road posters? The TAS version was: When you pledge - You join the team - Help build our house - Come share the dream…………Sanctuary 2000
  • Board of Trustees authorized a search for our first full-time Asst. Rabbi.
  • Kavod Honoree: Gail Littman; Cong. President: Gail Littman; Sisterhood President: Janet Pollack; Men's Club President: Steven Wismar.
  • TAS welcomed its first full time Assistant Rabbi, Tamar Malino, in July.
  • TAS Outreach Program received a National Honor, one of ten Reform Jewish congregations throughout the country to receive the Belin Outreach Award.
  • TAS honored our Cantor Lori Frank for 20 years of dedicated and inspired service. In June, Cantor achieved the title of Certified Cantor in the Reform movement, a rigorous, demanding course of study the equivalent of a Master's Degree of Sacred Music.
  • Our Samuel Levitt Memorial Library received accreditation by the Association of Jewish Libraries, an international organization. The Library has over 5,000 volumes, a reference collection, books on tape and over 100 videotapes. Additionally the Library subscribes to magazines, newspapers, journals and features the latest fiction and non-fiction books. Additionally there is a wonderful collection of books for young children as well as young adult readers.
  • A many centuries old antique hand-lettered parchment Megillah scroll, a family heirloom brought to the US in the mid-1800s, was gifted to TAS by the Klotz family.
  • Temple's weekly communique sent to congregants began its life on e-mail.
  • Rabbi Malino was installed as the Asst. Rabbi of TAS in November.
  • Scholar-in-Residence Weekend: Rabbi Richard Levy.
  • Kavod Honorees: Howard and Maud Pincus; Cong. President: Gail Littman; Sisterhood President: Janet Pollack; Men's Club President: Steven Wismar.
  • Adult Weekend Retreat: "The 10 Commandments, Are They For Our Time?"
  • Kavod Honorees: Sheldon and Natalie Diamond; Cong. President: Richard Simons; Sisterhood President: Janet Pollack; Men's Club President: Richard Fogg.
  • Scholar-in-Residence Weekend: Rabbi Richard Address.
  • Rabbi Prinz and Rabbi Mark Hurvitz each received a Doctor of Divinity, Honoris Causa degree conferred by the Hebrew Union College.
  • The congregation experienced a new worship experience, the beginning of our daily Minyan service on Monday-Thursday providing for private meditation and recitation of the daily afternoon liturgy.
  • Temple's striking sanctuary tapestries were replicated in beautiful color reproductions on tribute cards and sold in packets of four.
  • TAS wins the CCAR Hebrew Award. The Hebrew Literacy Task Force of the CCAR awarded TAS the CCAR Hebrew Award for our Hebrew readiness, school curriculum and adult Hebrew education programs but most of all, what made TAS the number one pick was the description of our superior program of Hebrew instruction for High School credit.
  • The congregation honored Gail Littman for 11 years of service as President of the Temple, for teaching in the Religious School, and her participation in a multitude of projects and endeavors on behalf of TAS and the San Diego Jewish community at large.
  • Under the direction of Gail Littman, the legacy gift program was initiated to ensure a secure financial future for TAS.
  • Kavod Honoree: Gerry Voit; Cong. President: Richard Simons; Sisterhood President: Janet Pollack; Men's Club President: Richard Fogg.
  • Sixth Biennial Adult Retreat: "Down to Earth Judaism: Food, Money, Sex and the Rest of Life."
  • Temple adopts three families who lost their homes and all belongings in the San Diego Cedar Fire.
  • Rabbi Tamar Malino was elevated to the position of Associate Rabbi.
  • City of Poway approved the TAS Conditional Use Permit allowing architectural planning to go forward on sanctuary and land preparation.
  • Karen Glansberg announced her resignation and plans to relocate to the east coast after a 16 year tenure as Director of the Ganon Gil Early Childhood Center.
  • Kavod Honoree: Ellen Weinstein; Cong. President: Merle Fischlowitz; Sisterhood President: Cathleen Sugarman; Men's Club President: Lawrence Pollack.
  • Rabbi Prinz assumed the presidency of the Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis (PAAR).
  • Scholar-In-Residence Weekend: Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.
  • TAS welcomed Susan Cohn, Education Director, Mosad Shalom Religious School.
  • The Ambassador program which paired new Temple members with established members was initiated to increase the comfort level of new congregants.
  • Kavod Honorees: Philip and Irma Ames; Cong. President: Steven Wismar; Sisterhood President: Cathleen Sugarman; Men's Club President: Lawrence Pollack.
  • Rabbi Deborah Prinz announced her decision to take early retirement effective July 1, 2007. At that time Rabbi Prinz will have served Temple Adat Shalom as Senior Rabbi for 19 years.
  • A Rabbinic Search Committee was appointed with membership representing a wide range of congregational constituencies under the chairmanship of attorney Michael Pfieffer.
  • A Task Force of the Religious Practices Committee created a Contemporary Rosh Hashanah morning service which included a new prayer book, accessible language, traditional and contemporary musical presentations and group shofar blowing which, according to congregant evaluations, was enthusiastically received.
  • Rabbis Prinz and Hurwitz conducted a well-attended Israel congregational tour.
  • Richard Stegman designed and installed Temple's engaging webpage at
  • The Jewish Family Service-North County Inland Senior Center moved its office and program activities to our TAS Temple building.
  • The new north parking lot, resurfacing of the south parking lot, additional landscaping and infrastructure improvements were completed segments of the Sanctuary construction project.
  • Hundreds of congregants attended the "groundbreaking" ceremony for the new Sanctuary at which time children and adults placed precious articles into a time-capsule to be buried for 25 years.
  • Kavod Honoree: Janet Pollack, Cong. President: Steven Wismar; Sisterhood co-Presidents: Barbara Birenbaum/Lorraine Thall and Men's Club President: Martin Teal.
  • In January, Rabbi Malino announced a newly formed Environmental Action Committee, a subcommittee of the Social Action Committee. Its mission is to make TAS operationally a green institution and then to expand to improving the environmental health of our community and beyond.
  • TAS ranks with San Diego's most active synagogues in the Walk for Darfur.
  • Congregants are gifted with an inspirational CD of our congregation's most loved Shabbat melodies recorded by Cantor Frank. Titled: "Shabbat Ba-Bayit, Sabbath Blessings For The Home."
  • Cathy Goldberg resigns her position as Director of TAS Early Childhood Center, Ganon Gil to develop one of the first Jewish infant day care centers in the country at another San Diego institution.
  • In March there was a Shabbat Tribute Weekend honoring and thanking Senior Rabbi Deborah Prinz for 19 years of service and dedication to TAS. There were special Shabbat services on Friday evening and Saturday morning followed by a Gala Celebration on Saturday evening.
  • On April 1, Rabbi Prinz left for the final segment of her Sabbatical leave and Rabbi Tamar Malino stepped forward as Senior Rabbi to lead the congregation.
  • On July 1, Rabbi Prinz became Rabbi Emerita.
  • The Mosad Shalom School Committee decided to gain accreditation for our Religious School through the Reform Movement's accreditation process. This process takes some two years and once successfully completed will make Mosad Shalom the only San Diego County Religious School accredited by the Reform Movement's NATE (National Association of Temple Educators) organization.
  • The Adult Education Committee fashioned a tour to the San Diego Museum of Natural History to view the largest and most comprehensive exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls outside of Israel.
  • The 69th Biennial Conventions of the URJ and WRJ were held in San Diego under sunny December skies and balmy weather attracting a near 5000 delegates. Hundreds of volunteers from TAS and nine other hosting Reform Congregations from the greater San Diego and Orange County areas served in a variety of essential and valuable ways.
  • Wildfires in October raged through our community and TAS reached out to the estimated 12 congregational families who lost their homes and all their personal possessions. The Social Action and Mitzvah Committees coordinated forces to assist the families and others in need.
  • TAS was awarded a Homeland Security Grant in the amount of $88,000 to improve facility security. Cameras to the building, upgrading of the recording system, adding the intercom locks to both the office door and the double door such that one must be buzzed in are security upgrades. A project in the planning will be to raise the Ganon Gil playground wall and extend it around the west side of the building such that there will be greater security for the pre-school and the older students as well.
  • Marilyn Milne was selected as new Director of the Ganon Gil Pre-School. She comes to us with a near 20 year background in early childhood education including both teaching and administration.
  • The Rabbinic Search Committee, after some 18 months of work and deliberations, recommended to the Board of Trustees that Rabbi David Castiglione be our Senior Rabbi with a start date of August 1, 2008. With their approval the next step was approval by the congregation. That Special Congregational meeting was scheduled for January 17, 2008 in our new Sanctuary.
  • Awards: Kavod Award recipient: Kay Weitzman; North County Philanthropy Council honoree from TAS: Richard Braun; Sisterhood Woman of the Year: Florence Krantz.
  • Officers: Congregational President: Steven Wismar; Sisterhood Co-Presidents: Barbara Birenbaum and Lorraine Thall; Men's Club President: Martin Teal
  • New Staff Members: Marilyn Milne, Director of the Ganon Gil Pre-School and Patrick Kiernan, Facilities Manager.

An extraordinary year in the life of our beloved congregation as we called a new rabbi, David Castiglione, to lead us into the future, we worshiped in our newly completed sanctuary and the Temple was alive with the sound of music as Cantor Lori Frank was honored for 25 years of exceptional service. Details now follow.

  • The Rabbinic Search Committee unanimously recommended to the Board of Trustees the selection of Rabbi David Castiglione as TAS Senior Rabbi. The Board unanimously approved the recommendation and the next step in the process was congregational approval.
  • A special congregational meting was held to meet Rabbi Castiglione and family and to vote acceptance of his selection as Senior Rabbi. The acceptance was unanimous. Mazel-Tov, we had a new rabbi, it was official.
  • The Kavod Award Shabbat Service paid tribute to Michael Pfeiffer as the 2008 Kavod honoree. This service was special for another reason: it was the first Erev Shabbat service in the newly completed sanctuary.
  • After 20 years, we worshipped in our new Sanctuary. Tonight was the night ... dream actualized. Planning began in 2000, an architect hired in 2001, site work began in 2005, a certificate of occupancy received in December, 2007. Our then congregational president, Steve Wismar eloquently spoke these words, "completing a separate sacred space in which to worship and pray together as a community has been a long-term dream of our entire congregation. To have turned that aspiration into a reality has energized the entire Adat Shalom community and confirmed what commitment, patience and long-term dedication can accomplish."
  • "An Evening of Shir Joy," a Tribute to Cantor Lori Frank celebrating 25 years of music, leadership and friendship at Temple Adat Shalom. The affection, admiration for her inspiring vocal gifts and regard for her many contributions to Temple Adat Shalom and all those she had touched, filled the room with palpable celebration.
  • A Guy's and Dolls Purim Spiel was written and directed by Rachel Pollack. Yes, ancient Persia collided with 1930's New York City as Cantor Frank, Junior Choir and a zany cast of congregants led us in a fun-filled service and hilarious reading of the Megillah to the tunes of this favorite musical.
  • The 14th annual Young Artist's Concert featured our talented youth in performance on musical instruments, voice and dance.
  • Welcome to our new Sanctuary. On this evening of the 28th of March our new Sanctuary was dedicated. Rabbi Malino said, "We sanctify our new space and thank all those who held on to this vision, contributed time, energy and resources to accomplish the goal seeming so elusive for so long."
  • San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, sends acknowledgment of the support and extraordinary efforts extended to all during the trying days of the October, 2007 fires to Rabbi Tamar Malino and Lauren Milana, Chm. of the Fire Relief Committee.
  • Guests from Israel's Kibbutz Nachalos, our sister community in the Sha'ar Hanegev region of Israel, were hosted at a Shabbat service and accorded much hospitality.
  • Mitzvah Day, organized by Temple's Social Action Committee coordinated a wonderful day of healing, repairing and bringing hope to many in the community.
  • Cantor Lori Frank led a congregational trip to Eastern Europe.
  • The Adult Education Committee sponsored a program entitled "A Conversation: Catholicism and Judaism: Understanding the Differences." Not an empty seat in the Temple's Social Hall was available as Rabbi Tamar Malino and Monsignor Dennis Mikulanis engaged in a stimulating and thoughtful dialogue.
  • The entire TAS community observed the 60th anniversary of Israel's Independence with a special birthday celebration. Events galore were available for congregants of all age groups and interests.
  • Rabbi Tamar Malino completed her seventh year of service and departed our congregation to begin her new position as the Associate Executive Director for Jewish Life at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center. A special celebration honoring and thanking her was held and as always, it is difficult to say "goodbye." She said, "no good byes, just l'hitaot (see you later.)"
  • In the absence of clergy during the month of July, it was necessary to weave together a combination of invited rabbis with versed and qualified congregants to ensure that services continued during the month. The patchwork of all who made it happen was impressive.
  • Rabbi Castiglione begins his tenure as Senior Rabbi and conducts his first TAS Erev Shabbat service in the courtyard under the embracing branches of our mighty tree.
  • Installation. The congregation and Rabbi Castiglione entered into a sacred covenant on Sept. 12, 2008, Elul 5768. Together may we be joined in love, guided by wisdom and renewed by faith. More than 500 congregants, prospective members and local clergy attended including a group from Rabbi's former congregation who traveled from Michigan. It was a shared evening: music by our Simchat Shabbat Band, Cantor and Adult, Junior and Youth Choirs and the Menschtones. A Generations of Covenant in which a tallit was passed down the center aisle from person to person representing a cross-section of members and then presented to Rabbi Castiglione was a most poignant moment.
  • Simchat Torah at which time all three scrolls were unrolled with all having the opportunity to revel in God's words as we went from the end to the beginning.
  • Leadership: Congregational Presidents: Stephen Wismar and incoming, Howard Levin; Sisterhood Co-Presidents Barbara Birenbaum and Lorraine Thall and incoming, Lauren Milana; Men's Club President Martin Teal and incoming David Shanes.
  • Awards and Rewards: Michael Pfeiffer, Kavod Award Honoree; Sisterhood Woman of the Year - Janet Pollack; Men's Club Man of the Year-Sid Bernsen; Jewish Family Service Mitzvah Award bestowed upon Merle and Teresa Fischlowitz.